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K.S.Balachandran - Actor

“ Annai right" took me across the world to several countries, performed in many cities - Paris, Berne, Boston, New Jersey, Florida, Houston, Sanfrancisco, Seattle, Saskatoon, Los Angels, Winnibeg, New York, Vancouver.......  Applause and laughter still lingers in my ears. 


"SOMU" in the famous radio drama serial "Thaniyatha Thagam" used to receive 200/300 letters per month in 70s.

We, Kamali (Kamalini), Yogam (Vijayal), Auntie (Selvanayaki), Mama (Markandan), Kumar(Vasuthevan) - all cried on the last day of the recording at the end of that 2 years mega serial of S.L.B.C.

"Aththanae Aththanae, Enthan Asai Aththanae...   Kelviyonru Kekkalama Unaithanae" -  remember it ?


"Viruthasalam" in  Sengai Aliyan's "Vaadai Katru" film brought me honours and stardom in SriLankan Tamil films. In final scene chasing "Sudalai Chanmugam" through the Palmyrah Grove in Pesalai, thorns pricked my bare feet. But when I saw my cutout  on top of a horse painted by Nallur

Maniyannai on top of "Rani" theater, where went all that pain?

Wonderful Y.T.Lingam Show " a talk show in the tradition of "David Letterman Show" and "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", telecasted by T.V.I Canada, every Friday at 8 P.M has become very popular with a vast audience watching it regularly and with good responses too. Linking  characters from back home with Canadian life, this show is bringing the popularity as a performer from my "Annai Right" days.